How Can You Build a Better Brand?

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One industry may have several companies competing for the same set of customers. They may even have similar products and services of the same or marginally varying quality. How does one company thrive and rise above the rest? Is it pricing? Is it the technology used?

Both are important questions to answer, but one of the determining factors is branding. The latter allows you to create name recall and achieve a top-of-mind position within your intended audience. Creative brand designers here in Phoenix cite the following ways you can improve your company and achieve your goal of becoming one of the top companies in your niche.

Content that Brings Value

Algorithms and factors that affect ranking may change, but one thing will remain constant, content will always be of top value. Create articles, upload images, publish videos and share infographics that provide relevant information to your intended audience.

Marketing gimmicks may work for a while, but potential customers want solutions and answers. Provide these for them, and they will be more than willing to share your posts and recommend your brand through their networks.

Develop Communities

Many audiences are now looking for authenticity when choosing a brand to support. They want to know a company’s values and ideals before they make a purchase or use its services. Create a community that reaches out to your intended market; this can come in the form of social media forums.

Use these to address problems and listen to the concerns of your customers. This provides you with a way to connect with them and find out how your brand can evolve. You might even get new ideas for products and services through them.

Participate in Various Events

Online forums and groups are good, but you also need to participate or conduct live events. This allows you to meet your intended audience in person. This interaction is valuable; the experience is different when you talk to someone face-to-face.

You can make a strong pitch and show the advantages of choosing your brand over the competition.

Freemium is the Way to Go

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Provide your target customers with options. Offer a free product or service with an option to pay more for an upgrade. This allows users to test if they are the brand that solves their problems and provides a good value solution.

This approach allows you to earn the trust of potential consumers. Send reminders of possible upgrades and their benefits through email or through your social media accounts.

Create a Story

What separates the best brands from everyone else is the way they weave a story. Narratives capture the imagination and tug at the heartstrings of audiences. People make some decisions irrationally, how else would they justify paying $500 for clothes, accessories and gadgets?

Use emotion to grab the attention of your target market. Use a relatable story that makes them feel like you are part of their inner circle.

These are just a few of the ways to achieve brand greatness. Find a technique that suits your objectives and company values and persona.

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