Considerations When Buying a Showerhead for a Bathroom Remodel

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When a homeowner is considering remodeling their bathroom in Utah, the intention is always to change the overall look and feel of the bathroom. Thus, homeowners pay attention to details such as bathroom fixtures, wall color, bathroom mirrors, and bathroom tiles. Although the ‘big’ things will create a big impression, the small details also play a big role when transforming your bathroom.

An example of an often-neglected feature in bathroom remodeling is the showerhead. The showerhead is an important bathroom fixture as it determines how water will flow from your shower. No matter how elegant your bathroom is, if the showerhead is non-functional, you will not enjoy your remodeled bathroom space. But, what do you look for when buying a showerhead? Here are some pointers:


Homeowners and organizations around the world look to save water—a precious resource. Not only is saving water good for the planet but also it is good for your pocket. That is because your water utility bills will be low. Showerheads with a low flow minimize the amount of water flowing from your shower. Thanks to technology, low-flow does not mean that the showerhead is low-performance. The amount of water you will be saving per day may sound insignificant, but in a year, you will be saving gallons of water.


Showerheads come in different types that allow you to perform multiple tasks apart from just pouring water from your shower. For instance, wall-mounted showerheads differ from ceiling-mounted showerheads. Ceiling-mounted showerheads restrict the water flow to the center of the bathroom.

Hand-held shower heads are flexible and allow bathroom users to use the shower even when seated. When home users are of varying heights, mounting your showerhead on a sliding bar will allow adjusting to accommodate the height differences.



What is the current style of your bathroom? Do you want to change the style when remodeling? Answering this question will determine the style of showerhead you need to get. That is because not all the showerheads will match a certain style. Consistency is desirable in interior design, and matching your showerhead with the rest of the bathroom will achieve just that.


Although remodeling gives incredible results, a bathroom remodel project will dig into a homeowner’s pocket. Homeowners should come up with a budget that they aspire to stick within. When considering the overall cost of the remodeling project, the price of individual pieces will determine whether the project will be costly. It is worth noting that cheap does not always mean less efficient. Therefore, determine how much you are willing to spend on a fixture and look for fixtures within that price range.

Although the showerhead is a small fixture in your bathroom, it plays a huge role that you cannot take lightly the decision to acquire one. Bathroom remodeling experts understand the significance of a functional showerhead and therefore advise homeowners in Utah accordingly.

Nothing refreshes like a shower when the water hits you with the right amount of pressure and volume. Investing in the right shower head will have you long for those showers and make that bathroom remodel worthwhile.

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