Get To Know Your Tiny Baby from the Start with Ultrasounds


Pregnant Woman Getting UltrasoundAs a soon-to-become mom, you have to prepare yourself, including your body and mind, to accommodate all the major changes you’ll undergo during pregnancy. An integral part of your preparation is going for ultrasounds.

This process is one of the most common components of prenatal care. Aside from providing first glimpses of your developing baby, it also allows your primary health caregiver to determine the health of your reproductive organs, including the placenta and uterus.

Source of essential pregnancy information

Most healthy expectant mothers can expect to undergo at least two ultrasound scans during their pregnancy. The first, ideally taken in the first trimester, confirms the due date. The second, which obstetricians typically schedule at 18 weeks, confirms the baby’s gender, and that he/she has normal anatomy.

First trimester ultrasounds and what information you can obtain

Your doctor from Women’s Aid Center will schedule you for your first prenatal ultrasound in Chicago anywhere between the sixth to ninth week of your first trimester. During the process, you’ll have your first ever glance of your tiny baby.

After the procedure, you’ll learn of your estimated and more accurate due date. You’ll also confirm your baby’s fetal heartbeat, and ensure your pregnancy is occurring in the right place – in your uterus. Through a sonogram, your OB can rule out ectopic or tubular pregnancies, as well as determine how many fetuses are growing inside you.

Undergoing the second sonogram

You’ll undergo your second ultrasound between weeks 18 and 22. This is more detailed than the initial procedure and will give you even more essential – and exciting – information. You and your primary pregnancy health caregiver will see just how your little one is doing regarding development.

Through proper scheduling, ultrasounds will provide you with the reassurance that your baby is developing exactly how he/she should. Your doctor will check all the primary organs, and if you want to, learn of whether you’re having a boy or a girl.

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