Fun and Free Ways to Spend Your Time in Salt Lake City


If you happen to get Botox injections in Salt Lake City, you’ve probably spent a considerable amount of money for the procedure. So, chances are you’re just going to stay at home until your face feels better. Or, if you’re from out of town, you’re going to stay in your hotel until it’s time to return home.

But, it would be a drag to stay indoors when you’re in Salt Lake City, which has so many fun places and activities to offer. So, get off your rump and explore this “Crossroads of the West.” And don’t worry about the cost because there are so many places and things to do here that are practically free.

Temple Square

Temple Square Salt Lak City, Utah

Start your tour with a visit to Temple Square. Located at the center of the city, this temple provides tourists with historical information. Built in 1847 by Mormon pioneers, Temple Square became the archive of the city’s historical events. It’s located at 50 W. North Temple and admission is totally free.

Pioneer Memorial Museum

If you still want to know more about the history of Salt Lake City, then head over to 300 North Main Street where you’ll find the Pioneer Memorial Museum. You’ll find artifacts here that can tell you how the first settlers of this city lived. From their prairie schooners to their antique cooking utensils, you’ll see all the tools that early settlers used when the city was nothing but a barren salt valley.

Legacy Park

If you want your kids to run around while you let your feet rest for a while, head over to Legacy Park and sit under the shade. In this park, your kids can enjoy the day getting soaked at the splash pad while you watch from afar sitting comfortably under a shade.

Downtown Farmer’s Market

Local farmer's market

If you‘re getting hungry, head down to the local Farmer’s Market where you can eat the freshest vegetables and fruits. There are lots of nearby restaurants for you to choose, but take a few minutes to check out the Downtown Farmer’s Market because they might have some interesting events you would want to see.

Every now and then, the Farmer’s Market offers workshops for adults and fun events for children. If you want to know how to preserve market goods or make homemade marmalades, for example, this market offers workshops related to those. As for the kids, there are scavenger hunts they can join every weekend.

Finally, Salt Lake City is unlike any other city in the U.S. because people here really like the outdoors. So much so that they even offer residents and tourists a chance to watch a movie for free in their public park. So, if you’re in town in the summer, grab a picnic blanket and check out what’s showing at the Salt Lake Park. If you like the film, lay down your blanket, wait for the free popcorn (yes, they do have free popcorn), and enjoy a movie the way Salt Lake City residents do.

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