Fully Maximizing Your Compact Condo’s Comfort and Space


Minimalist white condo unitBuying a condo unit also means having to think of ways to fully maximize your limited living space. This is especially true if you plan to have your family join you there. Here are some ways for you to fit everyone and everything comfortably in your newly purchased condominium unit.

Multifunctional Furniture

One good way of maximizing space is via transforming furniture. Sofas that can be turned into a bed within a few adjustments or multipurpose tables are good examples and are worth their price in living space. Some appliances also have this feature, so you might want to research more about them and see which fits your needs the most.

There are collapsible tables, chairs and desks that can save you space and allow more movement. You could also have custom-built shelves, wall cabinets, and panels. They could serve as extra storage space or as a special panel for your electronic gadgets and appliances. Make sure to purchase furniture and appliances that are space savers as well, such as LED TVs, slim chairs and desks you can push against a wall.

Woman stretching after waking upCollapsible Dividers

An option that will work very well with condo units in Pasig is to forget about putting up walls and use collapsible dividers instead. This allows you to create two separate rooms from a larger space, giving your kids their own living space and privacy. The same can be said for you, of course. It can create a great on-the-spot guest room as well. You could also use these to divide areas for several activities, especially if you have a studio-type apartment. For this purpose, you may have to give up the master’s bedroom and settle for the second largest room instead.

Shared Rooms

Now, if dividers just won’t cut it, then you may have to ask your children to share bedrooms. Bunk beds come in handy for these situations, as well as upper wall cabinets for personal storage. You can also install collapsible study tables inside their room and position them near the electrical sockets. This will work for siblings of the same gender or the very young ones who have yet to need their own private areas.

Divide the area so each person has a sense of privacy. Divide the closet and add racks to create additional storage space. Walls could also serve as additional space savers when you build horizontal shelves and racks.

Space constraints should not hinder your comfort or way of living. When you buy a condominium or apartment that might not have enough space for your lifestyle, you can follow these suggestions and create the space you need. You could hire contractors to build custom-made shelves, racks, and closets, or you can buy ready-made furniture that fits your space. All you have to do is make some adjustments here and there in the new condo, and you’re set. If anything else, this compact space allows you to bond together more as a family, making your relationships grow stronger. This is what matters in the end.

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