Frizzy Hair No More: Ways to Restore Smoothness to Your Hair


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It is always best to love everything about yourself, even including your frizzy hair. But there will always be days when you just want to have a specific frizz-free style. Using premium hair care products from brands like Kerluxe can help, of course. But, it is still up to you to maintain the smoothness and shine of your hair every day. So, here are a few ways you can manage your frizz.

Pick a glycerin-packed, sulfate-free shampoo

Shampoo products that contain sulfate can dehydrate your hair strands. Look for a shampoo that contains glycerin instead to help treat your frizzy hair. Glycerin penetrates the hair shaft, keeping it hydrated from inside out. It also creates a protective layer on the exterior of the hair shaft, giving it extra strength.

So, you can say goodbye to dull and brittle hair in no time. Keep in mind, however, not to shampoo your hair too often. Doing so can strip the hair of its natural oils, which fight off frizz.

Protect your hair when using styling tools

Although blow-drying your hair the minute that you step out of the shower is tempting, especially when you are on a tight schedule, letting it air dry is a much better option. Bear in mind that heat only damages frizzy hair. Focusing hot air directly on the hair causes dehydration and loss of moisture.

If you do have to use a blower, however, hair experts suggest starting with the roots first to avoid drying out your hair shaft. Also, use a heat-protective product to add an extra layer of protection on your hair against moisture loss.

Do not forget the conditioner

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To fight frizz, you must keep your hair moisturized up to the roots. Look for hydrating ingredients on your shampoo, such as shea butter and coconut oil. Apply it from the midshaft up until the very ends of your hair. Doing so will keep the conditioner from weighing your hair down.

You can also try watering down your conditioner if you are only using it for touch-ups. Then, apply it only to the tips of your hair. One more tip is to use a hair mask once a week to nourish and revitalize your hair.

Brush your hair upside down

Have you tried brushing your hair upside down? This trick will help distribute the natural oils from your hair roots to the rest of the strands. However, be careful when brushing dry and frizzy hair, as this can cause your strands to break. It is always best to brush your hair after shower to de-tangle it.

Managing your frizzy hair is easy if you know a few maintenance regimes. You can also check a few magazines or even ask your friends for any tips on proper hair management. Choose products that are mild for your hair to prevent damage. You can also consider using products made with natural ingredients to nourish it from the roots to the tips. Check the labels to know its ingredients.

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