Five Living Room Redesign Ideas That Are Worth It

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The living room is the face of your house. This is where you welcome guests and serve them refreshments while exchanging updates about your lives. As such, it is important to keep it well-maintained. If you are planning to remodel the living room, take a look at these suggestions:

Give the floor a new look

Decide carefully because the cost and swiftness of the project will depend on the flooring type. The characteristics of some common flooring types are indicated below.

  • Bamboo. There are various ways to install it, which include gluing or nailing it onto the floor. It is also available in both vertical and horizontal patterns.
  • Wood. It is pricey and high-maintenance, but it is extremely durable. Your choices include maple, pine, oak, and cherry. Make wood flooring last by limiting its exposure to water and direct sunlight.
  • Tile. This is a popular flooring option because the surface is easy to clean, and there are a lot of types to choose from depending on your budget. But you must avoid using it for a large portion of the house if you live in an area with a cold climate.

Make it look bigger

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Paint the ceiling white or any pale color of your choice to make it look higher than it is.

  • Storage. A cluttered room feels small. Avoid this by investing in furniture that has hidden storage such as tables with drawers. Stacking shelves up also helps because it draws the eye upward.
  • Hang a mirror. Mirrors create an illusion of space by reflecting light. Place a mirror across a window for maximum effect.
  • Consider getting armless furniture. The arms can occupy a huge amount of space (e.g. a foot on each side). Armless sofas and chairs look slimmer.

Hello sunshine

If objects are blocking the entry of sunlight into the room, rearrange the current space layout so that light can freely enter. Aside from this, replace heavy fabric curtains with sheer ones. To highlight a tall ceiling, hang it a foot above the windows and make sure that the curtains reach the floor.

Rearrange your stuff

Moving things around will not cost you a single penny. All you need is enough time to accomplish the task and someone to assist you with all the heavy lifting. It can be difficult to transfer heavy items to another location all by yourself.

You can also take this time to tidy things up. Donate, sell, or throw away what you do not need. Decluttering is an excellent way to improve the looks of a room. Once you are done, find better ways to store the items that you still use. Take advantage of all available vertical space with the use of shelves.

Choose a focal point

Pick an element in the living room that you would like to highlight. It could be a statement rug, a chandelier, a sofa, or a painting. Make sure that all the other elements complement the focal point and do not compete for attention so that the room will have a unified look. Aside from this, it can be disorienting if too many objects jump out at the viewer.

Now that you know what to do, it’s time to put your thinking cap on and start a renovation plan. May these suggestions help you visualize and create the living room that you have always dreamed of.

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