Donating Your Vehicle For a Good Cause: Steps to Follow

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donate carsAre you tired of repairing your old four-wheeler again and again? Do you plan to get rid of it soon? If so, why don’t you consider donating your vehicle to a charity or a nonprofit organization? In fact, if you were to make such a donation, you could even avail of tax deductions. What’s more, you will get rid of your old and battered car and earn points for doing something good for the society.

If you are interested in donating your four-wheeler, offers the following guidelines:

Select a Charity

Your first step to making a vehicle donation is to choose a good charity. Some points to keep in mind are the following:

  • Search the Internet for several charities instead of just going for the first one you find.
  • Verify the charity for its work, reputation, and legitimacy.
  • Check the kind of vehicles they accept; see if yours is included on the list.
Contact an Automobile Donation Processing Center

Once you have selected the charity, call an automobile donation processing center in your area. This service will arrange for the entire donation procedure right — from picking up your car from your house and managing all concerned paperwork to identifying auctions that will fetch your vehicle the highest price. Many of these centers also offer a list of reliable charities where you can choose based on your preferences.

Complete the Donation Process

To complete the donation, you will need to provide the center some information, such as the following:

  • Vehicle information (its make, model, VIN and the zip code of the area where the vehicle is located)
  • Your contact number details

Nowadays, it is enough if you provide these details via email. Then, you can expect the center to come and pick up your car, sell it in an auction or sell it in parts and give you the tax deduction receipt.

Is your car waiting to be disposed of? Contact a charity and an automobile donation processing center immediately.

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