Dental Options to Save Your Natural Tooth

Dentist explaining to patient

Saving your natural tooth should be your priority when you have a dental infection or injury. Even the most expensive bridges and implants can’t truly replace the look, feel, and function of natural teeth. For this reason, you should inform your dentist if you’ve been experiencing discomfort or pain to discuss your options.

Root Canal Treatment

Before considering an extraction, ask whether your tooth can be saved with a root canal treatment. Endodontists at Chicago Dental Arts explain that this procedure involves the removal of the damaged pulp, then later cleaning, filling, and sealing the space. Your dentist will finish restoring your tooth using a filling or crown, allowing it to function like normal. Given the procedure’s high success rate, you’ll be chewing and smiling comfortably in no time.

Other Endodontic Treatment Options

When it comes to root canal, not every case is cut and dry. Although there is a high chance that your saved tooth will last a lifetime, some may experience issues again in the future. When root canal is no longer an option, here are some alternatives you can consider:

  • Endodontic Retreatment – In this procedure, the endodontist will reopen your tooth to remove the filling materials placed during your root canal. He or she will then carefully examine the area and look for new canals or infection. After cleaning and removing the infection, new filling materials will be placed, followed by a temporary filling, then a crown.
  • Endodontic Surgery – This is used to treat the damaged surrounding bone of the tooth and root surfaces. It can locate hidden canals and small fractures that were not previously detected on your x-ray during the initial treatment. This is a quick and painless procedure that targets inflammation or infection that persists after a root canal.

Remember that saving your natural tooth should always be your first course of action. Discuss your options with your dental team to ensure that you pick the right treatment.

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