Dementia Care: Making the Right Choice

Dementia Care

Dementia CareIt is difficult to see a loved one suffering from memory-related diseases, such as Alzheimer’s or any other form of dementia. Many families often prefer to keep them close and at home for as long as possible. Nonetheless, there will come a time when the patient would already require 24-hour supervision and specialized care.

Aside from hiring a home care provider, you have plenty of other approaches to caring for someone with these conditions. Many of these alternatives take on a communal living style. Depending on your loved one’s specific needs and requirements, you may find the most suitable type of care in any of the following communities:

Retirement housing

This type of community most often benefits early-stage Alzheimer’s patients who can still take care of themselves. This means they can still live on their own, but may already have difficulties maintaining their house.

In most cases, retirement housing communities provide limited supervision to their residents. Some offer transportation, as well as social and recreational activities for residents.

Assisted living

Assisted living combines health and supportive care services with housing. Most of these residences have 24-hour staffing and security. They also offer a variety of services, including meals, housekeeping, laundry, recreational and social activities, as well as transportation. Residents can choose the services they want, such as assistance with medication, grooming, and meal preparation.

Memory care units

Also known as Alzheimer special care units or SCUs, memory care communities cater to the specific requirements of people with dementia, particularly Alzheimer’s. Some memory care facilities in Utah provide the same services as assisted living does, but they deliver additional services for specialized care.

Nursing homes and continuing care retirement communities (CCRC) are some of your other options when it comes to dementia care facilities. Make sure you choose the most appropriate one for your loved one.

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