Copper Gutters: Why Should You Consider Them?


For centuries, gutter systems have been an essential part of almost any home. Not only do they redirect the flow of rainwater off your of your roof, but they also add that much-needed aesthetic appeal that will go together with your exterior design. Gutters have such a big impact on exterior design that gutters of English buildings during the early medieval times would be connected to gargoyle statues that spit out the water. Throughout different cultures in different timelines, gutters have been seen in almost any structure around the world. Whether it’s ancient Roman ruins, functioning European monasteries, or simply new houses that just decades old, you can see gutters almost on any structure.

They’re sleek, stylish, and durable, what more can you ask for? Copper gutters have been lauded as a timeless part of any roofing system. However, compared to your usual gutter that can be made from PVC pipes and other cheaper materials, copper gutters aren’t easy to come by. Moreover, if they are available, they’re most likely going to be a hefty price tag.

Since they’re quite rare to find and the price tag might make you think twice before buying it, is it worth it?

Is the Expense Justifiable?

To make the long story short: yes, copper gutters are quite expensive. Most people think that they are only paying for the aesthetic appeal that these copper gutters will provide, but it is designed to last longer than any other type of gutters in the market. Plus, everybody wants their home to look good, so copper pipes are the best choice to make your overall exterior look elegant.

In terms of pricing, copper gutters will set you back around $25 to $30 for every foot that you buy, which includes the services of the expert. Almost any gutter will be able to do its job. Still, when it comes to copper gutters, you’re not just investing in a classy aesthetic appeal, you’re also investing in durability and longevity. Compared to vinyl pipes and other piping materials that will last ten years, copper gutters will last you around 60 years. These materials are built to last a lifetime.

Note: The prices of these materials will vary on where you are. Some states will have higher costs for copper gutters and tubes, while some will offer lower prices.

It might cost much now, but if you crunch in the numbers, you’ll have to buy new gutter systems six times in 60 years, which will amount to thousands of dollars of spending, as compared to copper gutters which can already set you up for a majority of your life.

Fixing guttersDIY Gutters

Since we’re in an age where we can search for anything that we need on the internet, information isn’t so hard for us to come by.  Learning how to clean our roof, rearrange our furniture to look good, or using chemicals to clean our flooring is just one click away. Most of the time, if pockets are stretched thin, then most people will resort in taking the matter into their own hands through do-it-yourself craftsmanship.

If you’re on a budget, you can always use PVC pipes as an alternative to vinyl and copper gutters. While the ramshackle nature of these pipes might do the trick, it shouldn’t be a permanent solution to your rainwater needs. If you consider yourself an expert in all things DIY and have some copper tubes lying around, it might be possible to create your own copper gutter. It’s highly recommended that you do get yourself a pipe cutter as you’ll need to be precise with how you’ll cut your tubes.

It’s also important to note that professional help will ensure that your gutters are secure and affixed on your home’s walls correctly. Even though you could save by not hiring someone, you might be setting your gutters wrong and this will compromise the integrity of your gutters, and possibly the surrounding structure as well.

There are tons of tubes and pipes that you can use as gutters. Whether it’s made out of zinc, steel, vinyl, or aluminum, it’s always good to research on what you’ll need before making a final decision. Just like when you’re investing in having a secure life, investing in a copper gutter system will help you mitigate any form of damage from rainwater and erosion. Keep in mind that gutter systems are more than just a pretty decoration on the side of your home; they redirect water into appropriate areas to mitigate damage from water and rain.

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