Can’t Get Enough of Nature? Take a Cue from Hudson Valley’s “Glass Cocoon”


Woman looking to the nature around her through a glass windowIf immersing yourself in nature is your favorite way to disengage with the daily stress, build your house in a way that will let you enjoy it 24/7, like this Hudson Valley home.

Seth Porges, a New York-based journalist, wanted an escape from day-to-day stress. In his search for a unique and portable getaway, he got around to building his own — as the builder calls it — “glass cocoon.” His unique off-grid home can make anyone feel like they’re a world away, despite being merely 90 minutes from NYC.

The Glass Cocoon

The idea behind Porges’ home-slash-getaway is to make the outdoors the living room. To achieve this, he took inspiration from northwest Wisconsin prairie-style cottages and made modifications so he’d end up with a three-sided panoramic view.

To make this view, you need to work with a glass supplier that can accommodate your project’s requirement, such as Suburban Glass Service, Inc. In Porges’ case, he worked with a Wisconsin home builder and RV company.

The finished product is a mobile home that lets him sleep under the stars and wake up to 30 acres of rolling hills. His only neighbors were chicken, and he can spend his afternoons appreciating the glorious view of endless vineyards and apple orchards.

Sustainable Living

On top of a magnificent daily view, another advantage to living in a glass cocoon is minimizing the impact on the environment. LED lights illuminate the home come nightfall. Even his bathroom is sustainable, as he opted for a dry-flush toilet that conserves more water versus traditional ones.

Also, there is not one fixture in the home that doesn’t serve a single function or even multiple ones. The scenic lounge area, for instance, doubles as a queen-size bed and storage. He shares that tiny home living tends to strip you down to the basics – it can cause you to use what you need and nothing more.

Named “The World’s Most Beautiful Tiny House” by Forbes magazine, Porges’ glass cocoon is something you can recreate. The secret to creating your wonderful escape lies in finding the right location, working with the right people, and knowing what you want to achieve.

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