Boat Repair: Possible Problems Boaters Might Run Into

moving boat

Owning a boat means having to shoulder boat repair costs that can arise from both natural and artificial issues. Boat repair is never fun, but it’s a necessary job to make sure your vessel stays in top shape. You don’t want to encounter an issue while you’re in the middle of a family trip coasting through the Grand Lake.

If you encounter any of these issues, make sure to reach out to search for the best boat dealers, repairmen, and builders in the Grand Lake, Oklahoma area.

Dock rash

When you’ve just finished your boating trip and you’re docking, you may accidentally rub up against the dock too harshly, causing dock rash. This can be caused by the choppiness of the water, as well as your boat’s make and size.

If you’re not careful and you dock too rough, it can cause enough structural damage for lake water to seep into your boat’s electrical system and wooden structure, which will need further repair.

Underwater impact

Perhaps the most common reason for boat repairs is that it hit something underwater while cruising. Especially if you’re new to the lake or are crossing over marked water channels, you’d most likely be bumping into submerged objects or grazing against shallow rock beds out of unfamiliarity or inexperience.

To avoid the unnecessary insurance claim on your boat, make sure you’re well-equipped and knowledgeable on how to operate a boat and how to navigate your chosen body of water.

Property collision

parked boat

It’s unlikely and honestly unwanted, but you can collide into someone else’s boat while on a trip. Your boat insurance will probably cover it, whether it’s intentional or accidental, as long as you have documentation.

After making sure that everyone is safe, don’t forget to exchange information with the other party to assess repairs. Such an event is also a due reminder to invest in a bilge pumping system to respond to craft leakages.

Weather damage

Repairing or maintaining your boat to prevent weather damage can take many forms. This can be winterizing your boat’s engine to prepare it for the frigid months. Boaters achieve this by fogging the engine, checking and changing their oil and filters, and pouring antifreeze into the engine block.

You may also need to repair the boat after a huge typhoon or snowstorm. Without a proper suspension system or hull protection, it can crash into a pier or the shore and cause body damage.

Engine failure

It’s always a bummer when you’re in the middle of a lake and your engine busts out on you. Marine engine failures tend to fall into just one of two reasons: either it’s a battery problem or a fuel problem.

This is where preventive repairs are essential. Boaters need to use the proper fuel filters and stabilizer additives to avoid filter blockages. Battery terminals also need to be in top shape always, with connections all secure and free of corrosion.


It’s preposterous but not entirely impossible. Especially since boats are hardly under your supervision 24/7, vandals have a wide window to harm your boat in between outings. Worse, it can get stolen when you’re away.

Aside from doing assessments routinely before taking your boat for a cruise, you can guarantee its safety by locking its trailer hitch or storing it inside a warehouse as a precaution.

To ensure that your boat is always in top condition, schedule both a preventive maintenance repair and a breakdown repair for a full-body restoration and maintenance. This way, you can enjoy your fishing trips to Grand Lake without a hitch!

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