Beyond Recreation: 5 Other Purposes of Your Used RV

RV Trailer

RV TrailerDo you have a recreational vehicle (RV) in your garage that you haven’t used for years? Were you tricked by the once colder Arkansas climates that you can enjoy picturesque forests and calm lakes during a camping trip? If your RV does not give you recreational satisfaction anymore, perhaps it’s time to repurpose it for these 5 other uses. Moix RV shares more information below:


If you watch the TV show where a chemistry genius found a way to earn millions through meth manufacture, you’ve probably considered doing the same with your old RV. But, you’re not a chemistry magician and meth is illegal, so you don’t really pursue your brilliant moneymaking idea.

Instead of risking your freedom, you can invest in your RV and think of other business ideas. You can flip burgers, serve ice cream, or cut people’s hair. Renovate your RV and, with careful business planning and strategy, you can grow a legit business with it. It’ll be like Breaking Bad, but legal.


Are you a movie buff? Have you ever dreamed of having your own theater and watching your favorite movies and TV shows in a place beyond your bedroom? Your old RV may just be the answer to your entertainment needs. Turn your RV into a movie theater on wheels and invite your friends for a sleepover. Prepare bowls of popcorn and chill sodas in your RV’s mini kitchen and you’ll enjoy a great movie night with good friends.

Personal Time

If you have kids, you’ve probably been wondering when you can have a private time with your spouse again. You can turn your old RV either into a private toy land for your kids or a personal spa and lounge for you and your spouse. You can dedicate an hour or two a week for these personal time adventures and get the much needed rest for everyone in your home.


Is your garage overflowing with toolboxes and bags of old clothes? Any expert in RV sales can advise you that you can use an old, rusty RV into a storage room. You can then just drive your stockroom-on-wheels to your nearest Salvation Army and donate what you don’t need to other people.

RVs are a flexible, fun vehicle to have in Arkansas or anywhere in the country. Consider the five ideas above and repurpose your RV into whatever suits your needs.

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