Avoid These Common Welding Accidents


Any construction work has a high level of risk, and welding is not an exception. According to statistics, around 500,000 workers get injured while they are welding. It’s important to wear welding protective equipment at all times. On top of that, you should know the most common welding accidents so that you’ll be able to avoid them.

Inhalation of toxic fumes and gases

When people see a welder with his helmet on, they automatically assume that he’s already safe. They think that the only real danger in welding is the sparks that come from the welding torch and the metal. But what they don’t know is that the fumes from the metal and the torch are toxic. Since welders work the whole day in this environment, they’re prone to inhaling a large amount of those fumes and gases.

Constant exposure to toxic fumes can even lead to lung damage to some of these individuals. On top of that, there is even a connection between breathing these fumes with the development of Parkinson’s disease. Constant inhalation of manganese could speed up the development of Parkinson’s in some welders.

To prevent this from happening to you, it’s important to wear a mask that can filter the air you breathe. Also, you should not work on your task without taking a break every few minutes. It’s important that you get to breathe fresh air whenever you can. Ask your supervisor if you can take a break every 30 minutes so that you can escape the fumes.

Electric shock


This is a common accident among welders. Because welders always work with metal parts and because some of those metal parts have high voltage, these individuals often suffer from electrical shock. The best thing you can do is to ensure that your gloves are nonconductive. Also, check the cables of your equipment and make sure that their covering is still intact. Check the rod holder as well to see if it is properly insulated.

In addition, make sure that your whole body is dry when welding. Do not stand on wet surfaces. If you’ve been sweating, take a short break and dry off your outfit and your body. Ground the metal you’re working on to prevent electric shock. On top of that, insulate yourself from the ground as well as from the metal.

Make sure that your welding transformer is near you. If in case an accident occurs, having your welding transformer near you will let you switch it off much more quickly. When you’re not working, turn off the welding transformer.

Noise pollution

Most construction workers suffer from excessive and repetitive noises produced by their machines and tools. Welders are no exception. Welding noises can go as high as 115 decibels. Oftentimes, welders work on a construction site where there are a lot of noisy machines that can gradually deteriorate a person’s hearing. To protect yourself from going deaf, wear earmuffs whenever you’re working.

Welding can be a dangerous job. But as long as you’re aware of the dangers, you’ll be able to avoid them. Wear the proper equipment and learn the safety guidelines in welding, and you’ll be able to work without encountering any accidents or injuries.

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