Anti-Minimalism: Filling Your Space with Entertaining Luxuries

modern living room

Travel restrictions may have been lifted, but as long as the pandemic stays, we should never let our guard down. As such, we should still spend most of our time at home, coming up with ways to have fun and keep boredom at bay.

But six months have already passed since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic. So without a doubt, we’re already bored sick at home. The appeal of Netflix has worn out, and our feeds show the same thing every day: new cases, new deaths, and other dispiriting news.

Thankfully, we can still invite our friends over — as long as they’re healthy, of course. But what can you do at home besides eating and watching Netflix again?

You can transform your bare, dull space into an entertaining haven. It doesn’t matter how big or small your abode is. It only needs minor — and some major — tweaks, and it’d be ready for a blast.

Incorporate Smart Technology

Smart homes are becoming increasingly popular. The technology is provided by home automation system installers, which can be found in metropolitan areas. They usually recommend starting with the light fixtures since incorporating sensor technology is the simplest and most basic form of a smart home.

But having sensor lights isn’t as simple as walking into a room and having its lights automatically turn on. Instead, you can control all the switches from any mobile device. That’s because the electronics in a smart home — from lights to appliances to door locks — can be connected to your smartphone or tablet. In turn, you can turn them on and off whenever you are or command them with your voice.

Home automation will enhance your pad’s security, too. You can connect your CCTVs to your smartphone and watch its footage in real-time from any place. A secure home is great for entertaining; you wouldn’t want burglars slipping into the crowd while your attention is elsewhere. But with a facial recognition feature in your doorbell camera, burglars or any other delinquent won’t have a chance.

Furbish Your Unfinished Basement

Nothing is as perfect as a basement when it comes to entertaining. Unfinished space has tremendous potential. You can turn it into a vast living room, where you and your friends can indulge yourselves in conversation. Or, turn it into a living room with an adjoining dining room, kitchen, and bar. That would be the ideal setup for an entertainment room.

You can do something practical with it, too. If you and your buddies are into art, you’ll have a fantastic time in a basement art studio. Meanwhile, a basement workshop would be a handyman’s sanctuary. You can do anything in the space, especially if your budget is thick.

Convert an Unused Loft

loft living room

Another classic for practical and recreational purposes, the loft is a suitable area for receiving guests, too. Instead of making yours a drab storage area, find a new space for all those stuff and utilize the beautiful room for entertaining.

Like a basement, a loft can also accommodate a fairly spacious living room. If the space is small, keep the color palette neutral to enlarge and brighten up the atmosphere. You can make a skylight if the ceiling will permit it because natural light will always be unrivaled when making a space airier.

And of course, you can divide your loft into separate rooms if the space is ample. Consider a billiards section on one corner, a mini-bar on the other, and a cozy sitting room in the middle. That way, your big group can break into clusters and have fun the way they want to.

These home upgrades are so entertaining that you won’t even need guests to enjoy them. Extrovert or introvert, an entertaining home suits everyone.

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