5 Fields Where You Can Take Your Growing Makeup Career

Make-up artist doing her work

Makeup and fashion are two of the most prevalent businesses in the modern world. They serve various purposes, such as everyday use, business functions, personal pleasure, and even entertainment.

If you’re interested in growing your career in the makeup industry in particular, here are the perfect places to take your skills to.

High Fashion

One of the most coveted positions for any makeup artist is in the realm of fashion and design. Without the assistance of a good makeup artist, models would look pasty and uninteresting in even the highest-minded of outfits, to the point that even a mannequin would look livelier.

A good makeup artist knows when to hone their skills in the direction of the job they want. They’ll practice each day, gain a foothold with clients, and take all sorts of modules to improve their repertoire. Take up perfumery, hairstyling, and eyelash lifting classes in Utah to increase your chances of getting noticed by your next big client.

Theater and Film

Another great goal for any makeup artist is in the realm of performance, especially on the stage and the silver screen. Character, personality, and first impressions are made clear with makeup, especially when it comes to enhancing the illusion of reality with actors.

Focus on learning unique theater and film classes such as costuming and wig making to bolster your knowledge, since you never know if they’ll need more than just makeup in the production.

You might want to learn prosthetics and practical special effects as well because you might get into some interesting fantasy or sci-fi productions that could require hours of disciplined work on a single actor.

Events Specialization

Make-up artist and the brideWhile you can always present yourself as an all-around service for events such as birthdays, weddings, and company parties, it pays to create a brand for you. Think about the people you want to meet and become your business partners.

Are you aiming to become one of the most influential wedding makeup artists? Do you want to be the first name in birthday party services like face painting and costumes?

You can still do the other events as part of your portfolio, but it can greatly increase your chances of being hired when certain clients know you’re the last word.


One of the hardest makeup professions is in the medical business. Your biggest responsibility is creating prosthetics and makeup kits for patients who are undergoing recovery from accidents that scarred them physically. It’s painful to look at oneself in the mirror and see scars and missing pieces, so you have a duty to make their lives a little easier with your skill.

You need to develop your craft in reproducing realistic and believable replacements for their body parts. It’s difficult and requires long study and knowledge of human anatomy, as well as a strong stomach and great reserves of compassion.

Whatever choices you make, remember that it will take time for you to become a recognized makeup artist. With that said, always focus on acting professionally and working on your skills and connections more than simply earning. With patience and tact, you can become the next name in makeup and fashion, one foundation at a time.

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