3 Root Canal Treatment Complications You should be Aware of

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tooth treatmentRoot canal treatments frighten even the bravest individuals, but these are necessary challenges if you have a terrible toothache. Many people know that a root canal treatment in Perth and other cities in Australia and around the world do cause complications – the primary reason why people are scared of it.

But the truth is that the root canal complications are not always that complicated, as explained by Mill Street City Dental Centre. In fact, these problems are preventable when you take care of your teeth properly. There are many ways on how you can avoid such complications.

Post-treatment Pains

The pain after a root canal treatment is among the most common problems patients complain about. You must expect a mild to moderate pain after the treatment. This pain does not come from the tooth itself, but from the tissue surrounding it that has been worked on. Taking painkillers help subside the agony. These analgesics prove to be effective even in severe pain.

Prolonged Appointments

Root canal treatments usually take one to two hours of operation, depending on the severity of the damage on your tooth. Some cases often take much longer if it has more canals and tiny root spaces and unreachable tooth. Dentists even ask patients to come back for a follow up treatment.

Dark Tooth Discoloration

If your tooth develops a dark colour after treatment, this is because of the blood flowing out due to a careless treatment. This is easily avoidable if the dentist uses a dental dam, optical magnification, and sterilised instruments. Indeed, being careful when conducting the treatment ensures also that you do not get any tooth infection after the procedure.

All these root canal treatment complications are avoidable. The real complication would be when the toothache turns into something more complicated and ugly. Do not fear root canal treatment; fear that which might happen if you do not employ it the soonest.

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