Yes, Even Your Furniture Needs Sun Protection


Sun ProtectionHere’s the scenario: you’ve moved into a new house with magnificent windows that gives you a beautiful view of the outside. Then, while at the furniture store, you find the perfect loveseat for your space — everything about your home décor project seems to be coming together! You notice, however, that the loveseat you’re eyeing looks rather faded. When asked, the store manager says that the faded color was due to the sun.

Does furniture really fade with sunlight exposure? Are all your furniture going to have to face the same fate due to your large windows? And, if so, is it possible to protect them from sun damage?

The answer to the first question is: yes. Sunlight, or any visible light, can wreak havoc to your furniture. It may cause discoloration, fading and even fabric damage. UVA and UVB rays account for 45% of the damage, in fact, while infrared or heat radiation and visible light causes 25% each. You need not lose hope, though. There are ways you can prevent the sun from ruining your beloved furniture pieces.

Change Furniture Layout

The thing is, light can damage not just your furniture, but your floor and rugs too. Frequently moving your furniture around can lessen the effects of ultraviolet light to your interior. You don’t need to fuss over moving your furniture around — this can be as simple as moving the couch from one side of the room to another.

Use UV Filters

Some window companies also offer units with glasses that block UV rays. You may also look around for companies that apply a special transparent film to the windows, to help reduce the effect of UV light.

Use Window Treatments

Window treatment companies like allow homeowners worried about sun damage to heave a sigh of relief. With an expansive catalogue of window treatments, homeowners can choose one which works well in protecting their rooms against UV rays. Shutters, awnings and draperies are some of the best options when it comes to blocking harmful sun rays and helping furniture keep its original colour.

While sun damage is irreversible, it is not impossible to completely avoid it. While these extra measures can be a bit pricey, preserving the beauty and functionality of your wooden and upholstered furniture is worth the extra dollars.

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