Why You Need a Divorce Attorney for an Uncontested Divorce in New York


Divorce AttorneyAbout half of all people that get married in the U.S. get a divorce. Despite what you may see on television with all the drama and courtroom antics, many divorces in Long Island are uncontested. Both spouses agree that divorce is a good idea, and they are willing to work it out in the most civilized way possible.

The legal term for this is a “no-fault” divorce. You might think in such a situation that a divorce attorney is not necessary. You would be wrong.


A divorce attorney can give you good advice about the best way to get a divorce in New York. There are many rules and regulations, including grounds for divorce and residency requirements. You should at least consult an attorney before filing for an uncontested divorce. This will ensure you will not encounter problems along the way.


You need to do a lot of paperwork to file for a divorce, even an uncontested one. A divorce attorney would take care of all this for you, and make sure that all the Ts are crossed and the Is dotted. The forms are available at the county clerk office, so you can do this yourself. However, it would take time and effort, and you might end up with some legal problems because of missing forms or you filled them wrong.


You still need to agree to the terms of the divorce. You might think that it is a simple matter, but if you have property or children, it can get a little complicated. According to the Law Offices of Ian S. Mednick, a divorce attorney can draft your agreement in accordance with New York law, and present it to the judge. Your attorney will also get you a court date, and send you a copy of the approved divorce decree.

If you were thinking of getting an uncontested divorce in Long Island, ask for some legal advice. The law is a complex matter, and it will not do to play fast and loose with it.

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