Why is Your Phone Charging Slowly?

phone charging from a laptop

Are you wondering why your phone is taking too long to charge? An uncharged device creates minor hassles such as suddenly going out before you send a message or finish a call, you are unable to work, or you won’t be able to watch your favorite videos.

In such cases, knowing the reasons for this problem allows you to have it fixed before it worsens. Experts on fixing phones in Utah cite the following reasons your device is taking too long to charge.

Weak Power Source

Some people think that simply plugging their phone into a power source will get their device to charge as fast as possible. However, where you connect your device is essential. Using a USB port on a computer or laptop only produces approximately .5 amps.

This will result in a slow charging. The ideal place to plug in is a standard wall charger. It creates more amps (sometimes more than double) which will shorten the charge time. You can use your phone for longer or at least make it last longer until you reach your home or office.

Damaged or Old Cable

One of the reasons your phone might not be charging as fast as you like is the cable you use. There might be loose wires, or it is simply too old for everyday use. The cords might have been bent because of constant coiling, or you might have stepped on it unknowingly.

In some cases, you might have bought an incompatible item which lengthens charging time. Avoid mixing cables and adapters of different brands to extend their useful life. Always use official chargers for your phones or only settle for first-rate alternatives.

Damage to Phone’s Parts

When your phone falls out of your pocket or squeezed in your bag, this may result in damage to your device. These may affect the functionalities of the USB port and other parts that lengthen charging time. A technician has to run a check to determine the extent of the damage and have it fixed immediately. Avoid putting your phone in your back pocket so that you don’t absentmindedly sit on it. Put it in a bag pocket that is easy to find so that it doesn’t squeeze into other items in your bag or accidentally fall.

Battery Problems

The battery may be the leading cause of your charging woes. If it no longer reaches a full charge or takes so much longer to reach it, you might have to replace it. Wear and tear diminishes the capacity and voltage of batteries. This also means that it will die faster than it used to.

Poor Device Usage Habits

person checking a website on a smartphone

The way you use your phone quickens its wear and tear. Using your device all the time to watch or make videos, listen to music, work, download, or other uses will drain the battery faster. Overcharging or undercharging is also one of the reasons that affect battery useful life.

These are some of the reasons your device is taking hours to finish charging. Once you identify these, you can have your phone fixed and use it again.


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