Who to Approach When Expanding Your Home Business to a Commercial Company


Meeting a business mentorNow that your little home business is progressing, it’s time to expand and bring it out of your house and into the commercial district. You deserve it after all. If you are still unsure how to start, here are some steps in succeeding a commercial business expansion.

Find a Business Mentor – If you still haven’t found one, this would be the ideal time to do so. Ask friends and family members if they can recommend a successful business owner, preferably with the same services, products and foundations as your company. Remember that they should serve as a guide, not command you on what you should do.

Consult Legal and Accounting Services – Most likely you already have your own attorney and accountant. However, there is an advantage to hiring a legal firm that focuses on corporate law. The same is true for the accountancy needs of your business.

Find a Business Loan Provider – As an important aspect of business, having a credit company for sudden financial or expansion needs is ideal. Even if you have investors ready for the expansion, you would want to look for business mortgage loan providers when acquiring your new office or production address.

Select a Commercial Realtor – Having a realtor with an expansive commercial network will make your search for a new office easy compared to doing it yourself. Moreover, they can handle all the paperwork professionally and negotiate better deals. Don’t worry, the last call will still be yours to make.

Upgrade Marketing and Promotions – If you intend to expand, you would need to grow your customer base. Research on marketing and promotional schemes you can use in your business to reach more clients and close more contracts. Look for advertising companies that can give you an affordable promotional package personalized for your company.

Getting by with a little help from experts and friends will always get you far. All you need to remember is to keep moving forward despite problems popping out of nowhere. Remember, challenges are a part of life but quitting should not be.

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