When Wines Make a Great Gift

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Wines make for fantastic gifts. But they are not for everybody. There is also not one wine that fits all. If you are seriously considering giving away a precious bottle as a present, make sure to think things through. You sure would want to please the receiver and everyone else who get to taste it.

The good news is, there are lots of wine gift boxes in the UK to choose from so finding a couple of options is not a problem. An entire wealth of choices is actually available. However, it could be difficult to find the right occasion or even the right wine for the gift. For that, we are here to help. Read on our guidelines and hopefully you will be able to find the bottle that fits the bill whenever you contemplate about giving wine as a gift.

The Perfect Occasions for a Wine Gift

First of all, there are no strict rules about the occasions for giving a wine bottle as a gift. However, there are some milestones which are appropriate to celebrate well with a drink. A kid’s birthday party or baptism is probably not one of these. With that out of the way, here are a couple of occasions when giving wine as a gift is generally acceptable and mostly appreciated:

Wedding – Couples who are deeply in love and have just decided to start traversing the road to forever, hand in hand, are some of the perfect recipents of wine gift boxes. They have a lot to celebrate and would have more milestones up ahead, which would call for a glass of wine or two.

Housewarming – A couple starting a life together, in a new home, are perfect recipients for a gift. This could be anything from spirits, champagnes and other drinks to corkscrews, glasses or even a whole wine cellar. A wine collection does not only come in handy whenever the couple finds something to celebrate or receives a couple of guests. They can also give the home character and flair.

Romantic Milestones – Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and even simple romantic dates often feature wine and spirits prominently. Popping the cork on a special bottle of champagne would definitely make the evening lovelier for you and your partner, and even for your guests if you have any.

Dinner Party – There could be a hundred and one reasons one would call for a dinner party and for most of them, opening a bottle or two would be appropriate. Whether it’s a “meet-the-parents” dinner, an adult’s birthday party, a company event, or a simple celebration dinner among family and friends, bringing in a bottle of spirits is often well-received.

wine while having dinner

You also have to consider if the person you are giving the wine to actually likes it. It does not matter if you are a certified wine connoisseur. You might want to influence others but you also have to consider if they will appreciate it. That’s also where finding the right type of wine to give comes in. You have to thoughtfully think of who is at the receiving end and make sure he or she will appreciate the effort you poured into gift giving.

Choosing the occasion and the right kind of wine to pick as a gift depends on several factors. This is something subjective – a thing between you (as the giver) and the person you are giving the wine to.

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