When Do You Need to Replace Your Car Exhaust?


The exhaust system of your car goes through a lot. Your car’s exhaust system’s main function is to move the fumes from the engine and the interior of the vehicle. At the same time, it enhances vehicle performance and reduces car noise. If you have a problem with the exhaust system of your vehicle that can affect the performance of the engine.

You can do research on how to measure performance exhaust online and learn when you have to repair or replace your car exhaust.

Signs of Car Exhaust Problems

So, what are the signs that your car has an exhaust problem?

A Noisy Engine

The modern engines are becoming more and more silent with each new car model that’s coming out. One indication that you might be having issues with the exhaust system of your car is if you hear your engine becoming noisier than before. A leak in the gasket system can cause noise.

Decrease in Acceleration

Another telltale sign of an exhaust problem in your vehicle is when you notice a reduction in its power and acceleration. If you see a sudden change on how fast you can accelerate or the power that you are getting out of your engine, that’s probably because of a problem with your exhaust system.

A Decrease in Fuel Efficiency

car engineWhen there is a decrease in the power and acceleration of your car, a decrease in fuel efficiency usually follows. That’s because to get your car functioning on the same level as before, and the engine will have to work harder and consume more fuel. So, if you notice that you are spending more on fuel, one possible cause would be a problem with your exhaust system.

A Burning Smell

Another major sign that your vehicle is having some exhaust system problem is when you notice a burning smell coming from the engine. There are wires, and other parts that can burn because of intense heat and the gases which might come from the exhaust have a high temperature and could burn those components.

Hanging Exhaust

This is arguably the most obvious sign that you need to have your exhaust system repaired. When your exhaust pipe is dragging on the ground or hanging in place, you need to have it repaired right away.

When You Smell Gas Inside Your Car

When you start smelling gas inside your car, then that is the most dangerous sign that your exhaust system is in need of repair. The gas coming from the exhaust system is dangerous can poison you, so you need to have it repaired right away. You should avoid using the vehicle until you can have it repaired.

These are just some of the signs that can tell you when you need to repair or replace the exhaust system of your car. When you detect any of these signs, you must act right away and have your car repaired. Delaying can cost you more money in the long run and can cost additional damage.

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