What’s it Like to Wear Clear Braces in Beaconsfield?


invisalign aligners and a toothbrushSometimes, the tipping point that leads people to get clear braces in Beaconsfield is understanding what the experience of wearing them will be like. If someone is putting off the idea of getting braces, but what they really want is to realign their smile, they need to talk to their dentist about any concerns that they have. Once they become aware of the source of their resistance, there may be something that their dental professional can do to allay any concerns.

If a dental practice is offering clear braces in Beaconsfield, like Six Month Smiles, this means that they have invested time and money into training in the use of this method. A member of the team from a practice, like Garden View Dental Centre, gets all the information they need over the course of their training to administer Six Month Smiles. This includes talking to people about the experience of wearing them as well as acquiring the technical skills.


Getting fitted for clear braces is a simple process. Once the patient goals have been established, the dentist will take scans and impressions of the teeth. These are used by Six Month Smiles to craft a unique set of braces. These are returned to the patient’s dentist for fitting. Some dental adhesive is applied to the teeth and the braces are fixed in position. The dentist then applies the final touches such as tooth-coloured wires and clear bands to complete the application.


A patient will get plenty of advice from their dentist about how to care for their clear braces in Beaconsfield. This will include daily care advice as well as activities and foods to be cautious about while they are having their teeth straightened.

After the initial fitting, someone may feel tightness and aching in their teeth to begin with. This is simply the teeth getting used to the application of pressure that comes with any realignment treatment. These sensations are common and may return each time an adjustment is made to the braces. People often find relief from any discomfort through taking regular painkillers. Once their teeth get used to the new forces in the mouth, they should no longer experience any issues.

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