Sugar Addiction having Drastic Effect on Nation’s teeth


glass of sodaSugar addiction seems to be a hot topic at the moment. This worldwide problem has effect on people’s health in many ways, including the state of their teeth. Many people nowadays require dental treatment in Mackay due to the effects of sugar addiction.

Too much sugar can cause tooth decay, and at worst, teeth can become so rotten that they need to be removed. Many dentists find they are giving people dental treatment in Mackay due to problems caused by eating too much sugar. Dentists such as Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay have a focus in preventive dentistry and want to turn the tide by helping to educate their patients in good diet and oral hygiene.

Is sugar really addictive?

Sugar addiction is a subject that scientists are still delving into, but some people have suggested that sugar can be as addictive as cocaine. Eating sugar stimulates the brain in a certain way, making the person eating it feel good. In some people, this feeling can become addictive to the point where the brain craves sugar. The problem with real addiction is that the person suffering will go through physical and emotional pain to get to the thing they are addicted to. When this happens in children, it can be hard to explain. Children are also particularly susceptible as they lack the impulse control that adults have.

The effects of sugar on teeth

Sugar creates tooth decay by combining with bacteria in the mouth to produce acid that eats away at the teeth. Soft drinks in particular are bad for the teeth, as many of them contain high levels of acid that add to the tooth erosion. Regularly drinking fizzy soft drinks, sports drinks and even fruit juices is likely to mean a trip for dental treatment in Mackay sooner rather than later.

A few lifestyle changes can mean healthier teeth

To avoid the need for dental treatment in Mackay, try to avoid sugary, high-acid drinks. Water is the best thing to drink. Do not try to fix the problem by brushing teeth straight after drinking or eating sugar – the teeth need an hour for the enamel to re-harden before brushing, otherwise further damage can be done.

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