What You Need: Sheets and Sleepwear for a Better Sleep


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Sleeping better at night is more than about establishing a pre-bedtime routine and following a consistent sleep schedule. While these things are essential, you should not ignore the importance of having the right sleepwear and bedsheets. As these affect your sleep comfort, picking the right one can help support your nighttime rest.

Choose the Right Bedding

Many think that thread count is highly important when choosing a bedding. This isn’t necessarily true, as the type of fabric could be more significant. Ideal fabrics include Egyptian cotton and 100% prima cotton, as they are both soft and long lasting. Be wary of some labels that say 100% cotton, as they can be less expensive, but have a rougher texture.

Bamboo sheets are also an ideal choice, as they are soft and hypoallergenic. Woven bamboo fibers produce silky soft fabrics are comfortable than cotton. Another good thing is that they wick away moisture from the body, so you can stay comfortable throughout your sleep.

Selecting Your Sleepwear or Pajamas

The key to picking the right sleepwear is making the sure it feels good on the body. If you’re not a fan of silk, you cannot doze off comfortably with pajamas in that fabric. Cotton remains a top choice, as it is breathable and doesn’t irritate the skin. The only downside is it is inefficient in wicking away moisture or providing enough insulation in a cooler environment.

Flannel is ideal for colder months since this offers breathability and warmth. Bamboo is also a good choice, as this feels soft on the skin. It has good moisture-wicking qualities, so you won’t worry about night sweats. It also has anti-bacterial properties and is 100% eco-friendly.

While fabric matters when shopping for sheets and sleepwear, be sure to consider the fit. This is especially true for pajamas, as a loose pair will tend to move easily over your body. You might also want to avoid snaps and buttons, as they might irritate your skin at night.

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