What To Expect During A Regular Visit To The Dentist In Soho

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Many people switching to a new dentist, are often wondering what to expect during their first appointment. No matter the circumstances, patients will always have questions for the procedure and in most cases, it is always better to be prepared in advance.

At PS Dental Care, patients can expect an individualised dental experience focused on their comfort and well-being. The dentist in Soho will ensure that patients feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedure.

Filling out patient information

The first step to starting a journey with a new dentist in Soho is the registration of vital information, including a patient’s medical and dental history as well as medical information that can have an impact on their oral health (e.g. diabetes). The goal of the dentist in Soho is to get to know their patients as individuals, understand their lifestyle and help them achieve their unique dental needs.


Every new or recurring dental check-up should begin with a careful examination of teeth and gums. During this examination, the dentist in Soho will also look for gum disease and tooth decay as well as abnormal lesions that could indicate oral cancer. From there, teeth can be cleaned to perfection through a process known as a scale and polish.


Tooth scaling involves the removal of plaque and hardened bacteria from in-between the teeth and gums. Plaque forms a sticky film on the teeth and tends to harden into tartar over time. Unfortunately, this residue cannot be removed with simple brushing and flossing. Removing plaque from the teeth and gums is really important and should be done at least every six months, since if it is left uncontrolled, gum disease and tooth decay may occur. Once this process has been done, the dentist will polish the teeth carefully.

Dental examinations are not uncomfortable

Great care is taken to ensure that no discomfort is experienced during or after a tooth cleaning. Patients with sensitive teeth can discuss their options with their dentist. However, they should bear in mind that all dentists and hygienists are compassionate and emphatic, and they will do the best to ensure that this experience is positive for patients.

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