Aligners Bring Adults Invisible Teeth Straightening


invisalign braceSlightly crooked or crowded teeth have in the past been treated with traditional fixed metal braces. They are highly effective, fixed in place using wires and brackets and guarantee a straighter set of teeth. There’s even a celebrity-driven trend towards metal braces, making them acceptable as ‘geek culture’ becomes fashionable. However, truthfully, if wire and bracket braces can be avoided and replaced by invisible braces, why wouldn’t an individual take it? Living in London, image and first impressions matter; enter stage left clear braces in the form of Invisalign. In Clapham, these clear plastic miracles are setting teeth straight without compromises to a person’s style or having to latch onto fad trends.

Invisalign in Clapham is made using modern technology

Using a hand-held scanner, a dentist such as Clapham South Dental Centre, takes a full 3D image of the patients mouth. The dentist then discusses the alignment that is possible and agrees with an outcome with the patient. A treatment plan is created plotting incremental steps from start to finish. Each step represents a bespoke aligner, which is 3D printed specifically for the patient at the Invisalign labs in the USA. The complete set of Invisalign aligners is then sent to back to the patient via the dentist.

Invisalign in Clapham is convenient

The clever little clear plastic trays are bespoke, so fit precisely around the teeth of the patient like a mouth guard. , no wires or brackets are required, making them completely removable whenever necessary. This not only frees the patient up from too many visits to the dentist as they can change their aligners at home but also means cleaning teeth are easy and no compromise is needed on what can be eaten or drank.

Invisalign in Clapham really does offer a great deal in flexibility and ease of use while also providing a teeth-straightening solution that doesn’t alter appearances. A clear plastic aligner is never going to clash with outfits or draw the wrong kind of attention to a patient’s smile. It makes an ideal treatment for image-conscious adults longing to create their dream smile without a mouth full of metal.

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