What Separates a Mediocre Organization from a Superior One?


Business Performance  High performance is one of the many goals of different organizations and yet only a few has achieved it. If you’re among those that are struggling to become a high performing company, then read this guide to help you get started:

The key elements of high performing organizations

A high-performance organization (HPO) has what it takes to achieve sustained and continuous growth, especially when compared to how its peers perform in terms of finances. HPOs also possess better ability to adapt easily and quickly to the ever-changing and fluctuating market conditions. Its leaders think both in short- and long-term, allowing them to create goals with a bigger picture in mind.

In other words, the integrated management processes of HPOs allow them to strategize, structure, and develop processes with the most important assets they have in mind: their employees. As they continuously improve, enhance, and reinvent their core mission and vision, they spend many resources developing their workforce for the better.

The value of performance excellence assessment

One of the most helpful yet overlooked types of guidance is performance excellence assessment.

For instance, the Baldrige National Quality Program Criteria for Performance Excellence provides superior assistance to organizations that need support when it comes to achieving the knowledge and experience to receive acknowledgement as high performing firms.

This program does a lot more than simply awarding organizations, especially those that successfully achieve a monumental improvement in their performance. It also gives them the guidelines they need to maintain their hard-earned achievement.

Organizations committed to achieving performance excellence should take this journey to improve the operational processes that aim to improve performance outcome. With this kind of approach, you can retain your culture, while making effective improvements to reflect its values, mission, and vision.

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