What Most Home Improvement Shows Don’t Tell You

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Despite the rise of web shows and streaming sites, many Americans continue to enjoy watching television shows during leisure time. They just have so many genres to explore. But, one that seems to attract plenty of viewers is reality TV. From family drama to home improvement, it seems that the choices for reality shows are endless.

On the topic of home improvement shows, their rising popularity appears to be an indirect product of people getting into DIY projects. These shows make DIY renovation and remodeling projects appear a lot easier. They do things that the average homeowner supposedly can accomplish easily and quickly too, from breaking down drywalls to buying furniture for their home office online.

However, you have to remember that like most reality TV shows, these ones on home improvement are most likely embellished and not showing the bigger picture, too. So, what are the parts of home improvement that are inaccurately portrayed on these shows?

The Amount of Time Spent Working on a Project

Most home renovation projects take weeks, if not months, to be completed. Television magic, however, makes it appear that it will only take a few days, or a maximum of one week, to finish a project. That is all for viewership, of course.

In the 45 minutes typically allotted to shows, the production team does not show the grueling work that goes into each of the projects that they take. But the truth is that permits take more than a day to acquire. Materials need the same. It is also possible that hired contractors are working round the clock just to finish everything.

Additionally, the five people that appear on screen to be working on the project are likely getting help from a larger group behind the scenes in order to finish everything within the short period that the hosts have provided to the clients.

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The True Cost of the Items and Services

Here is a tried-and-tested formula in most home improvement shows: there is a homeowner who has a very tight budget but has a long list of wants and must-haves, which the show miraculously manages to deliver. This is miraculous in a way that the homeowners get every request granted despite not having the funds for it.

The items are on loan. Typically, networks partner up with sponsors and advertisers so that they can receive funding while the advertisers’ products are shown on screen. It should not be surprising that many of the items used to fulfill the wishes of the homeowner are the ones that are being loaned to the network itself.

It is possible that the show producers will give the homeowner a catalog at the end of their segment. In it will be the selection of items and materials that have been used in their home, with corresponding prices and manufacturers. Should the homeowner wish to purchase these themselves, they can do so afterwards.

Although at times riddled with inaccuracies, home improvement shows do serve as great entertainment. They also inspire many homeowners to step up to the plate in order to dedicate their time to bettering their homes.

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