What Makes a Great Early Childhood Development Teacher?


Love for children comes naturally for many people. And for some, this love for kids serves as an inspiration to pursue a degree in early childhood development and search for preschool franchise opportunities.

However, becoming a preschool teacher is very challenging. Just the desire to care for children may not be enough. You must possess or develop certain qualities that will motivate you to work with young kids while finding joy and fulfillment each day.

Enthusiasm for Little Kids

Preschool teachers must have a genuine passion and enthusiasm to care for and love children. It goes beyond enjoying the time you spend with them. You must want to make a positive difference in each child. You should have the drive to unlock their potential and encourage them to continue learning and overcome any obstacle that they may have.

Humor and Patience

Working with kids requires huge amounts of patience. At their age, it is natural for them to be rambunctious, have little self-control and short attention spans. Each child has unique qualities and traits making it even more challenging for preschool teachers.

You have to face this kind of challenge every day, so you must have a patient nature and a sense of humor. This will help you take on the ups and downs of working with little children while still keeping focused on your goals.

Effective Communication Skills

Communicating with children is fairly different from communicating with adults. You need to learn how to reach out and communicate at the level of these little learners. Moreover, you must be able to tell their parents about things you observe at school. Update them on their children’s skills, achievements and concerns. You must know how to express yourself to kids, parents and other school personnel effectively.

Respect for Differences

preschool students with teacher

Children have their own unique personalities and learning styles. As a preschool teacher, you must be able to reach out to each child and teach them effectively while respecting these differences. They must not be forced to adapt to another style; otherwise, they may end up disliking learning.

Additionally, there are multicultural classrooms with students coming from different cultures, ethnicities and traditions. Preschool teachers must be welcoming and respectful of these differences to create an open and exciting learning environment for the children.

Creativity and Flexibility

Flexibility and creativity are essential characteristics of a preschool teacher. Lessons need to be engaging and educating children requires a lot of creativity to get their attention. The children’s different learning styles can be challenging, so you need to be flexible and adjust to each of the kids in class.

Being around kids can have unpredictable moments, which could be either pleasant or stressful. You will have to find creative ways to make an unexpected turn of events a positive learning experience for the kids.

Preschool teachers have a huge responsibility in providing kids with a safe, fun, and encouraging environment for learning. Teaching these kids is never easy, but with the right attitude and these essential qualities, you can take each day in stride and feel remarkably rewarded as each child succeeds.

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