What are the Advantages of Dental Implants in Edinburgh?

Woman with new dental implants

There are several treatments for patients who have lost teeth: bridges, dentures and dental implants in Edinburgh. Cost, convenience and effectiveness all come into play when a patient chooses which of these options to invest in. Dental implants are the newest of these treatments but have nonetheless been around for several decades now.

More and more dental practices are providing dental implants in Edinburgh, including Edinburgh Dental Specialists. This treatment option is suitable for patients who have lost one, several or even all of their teeth. Treatment with dental implants can have a positive effect on patients’ dental health, cosmetics and lifestyle. Here’s how:

Dental implants mimic natural teeth

Dental implants are small titanium screws that act as artificial tooth roots. They are placed directly into the jawbone and once replacement teeth are attached on top, they provide a complete restoration of missing teeth from top to bottom. This provides the closest approximation to natural teeth possible.

Dental implants restore chewing power

As dental implants are firmly rooted in the jawbone, they provide superior stability to replacement teeth. This means patients can confidently bite into whatever food they fancy, with the confidence that their replacement teeth will not shift as they chew.

Dental implants look the part

The replacement teeth that are attached to dental implants are custom-made to blend in with the surrounding natural teeth. This ensures a seamless finish such that onlookers will not be able to tell which teeth are real and which are fake.

Dental implants protect the jawbone

Dental implants are biocompatible. This means they integrate completely with the body. When placed into the jawbone they encourage new bone to grow in and around them, securing them in place and preventing degeneration of the jawbone, which is a common consequence of tooth loss. They continue to protect the jawbone through the years by enabling vital vibrations from the teeth clashing together to pass into the jawbone, telling it to stay strong and maintain its shape.

Dental implants are straightforward to maintain

Dental implants can be looked after just as natural teeth, with a diligent daily oral hygiene routine and regular dental check-ups.

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