Saving Smiles

Woman Checking Out Her Teeth

Losing a tooth can be devasting. Whether it’s knocked out in an accident or lost through decay or old age, having a gappy smile can really knock the self-confidence. While the idea of replacing a tooth may seem painful, modern treatments are designed to be as comfortable as possible for patients who have experienced tooth loss. This is why they might look into receiving dental implants in Stanmore.

In Stanmore, dental implants are custom-made for patients to match the colour and shape of their remaining teeth. They are crafted to complete the aesthetics of a person’s smile and most importantly, function in the same way. At dental practices such as the Centre of Dental Excellence, there is a strong sense of communication between the patient, their dentist and dental technicians. This makes their desired outcome all the more likely, giving that patient the confident smile that tooth loss had taken from them.

How dental implants in Stanmore work

Dental implants exist to cover the loss of a single tooth, multiple teeth or even all of a person’s teeth. The number of implants that a person requires depends on their situation, but sometimes one or two implants can be used to replace several teeth lost in a row. Having teeth replaced, especially numerous teeth, is well worth the time taken for treatment. It means investing in good oral health for the foreseeable future, as well as a full and comfortable smile.

Implants themselves function in a similar way to natural tooth roots. As a small titanium screw, this artificial root is placed into the part of the jawbone where the tooth was lost. The implant is given time to heal and integrate with the jawbone before it can secure a natural-looking replacement crown. Once the replacement tooth is fitted, that person may find it hard to distinguish between their natural teeth and the artificial tooth. Even when they bite and chew on their favourite foods, the dental implant can withstand the same chewing forces as natural teeth, so doesn’t compromise the diet. This is a particular bonus for former denture wearers, who would have been restricted to a soft food diet.

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