Ways to Redeem Yourself After Making Mistakes


RedeemingEveryone has fallen from grace at some point in their lives; it may have been infidelity, robbery, drunkenness, or cheating on exams. No matter how seemingly big or small your mistakes are, there are ways to redemption.

Restoration Community Church believes that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, even if you think your sins are too great to forgive.

Forgiveness Shall Set You Free

Forgiveness does not only come from the person you wronged, it is also about forgiving yourself. People tend to dive deeper into sin and darkness when they commit a sin. Drunks continue to drink their blues away, and unfaithful spouses hide their affair with a layer of lies or look for multiple partners to satisfy the emptiness they feel inside. Their mindset is they already committed a sin, why stop now?

They cannot forgive themselves and see no other recourse than to continue the life of sin they began. Jesus changed the world with love and forgiveness, do the same for yourself and you will find redemption.

Taking Responsibility for Your Actions

Forgiveness is the first step; the change that leads to redemption does not end when you say ‘sorry’. Taking responsibility for your actions show the person you wronged that you are on your way to redeeming yourself.

Taking responsibility for your wrongdoings show that you know there are consequences to your actions, and are willing to set things right. If you were unfaithful to your spouse, cut all ties with your mistress or lover to show your spouse that you want to save the relationship. Enforce your words with actions that reveal what is in your heart.

Keeping the Faith

The path to redemption is a long and difficult one. Forgiveness does not come immediately, or the consequences of your actions forgotten easily. Keep the faith and continue to strive to become a better person to show that you have changed your ways.

Redeeming yourself from the sins you have committed takes time. Forgive yourself, take responsibility for your actions, and keep the faith to set yourself on the path to redemption.

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