Want to Become a Next Generation Barber? Here’s How

barber styling hair of handsome guy

Hairstyling has come to the fore with millennials leading the charge. There has been a heavy emphasis on variations in hairstyles as well as facial hair since 2010. This has created a demand for modern-day hairstylists capable of keeping up with evolving hair trends.

Men’s hairstyling courses, such as the Masters in Barbering NVQ Level 3 Course, were designed to fast track advanced training for new barbers. For those who want to have a career styling men’s hair, taking these types of courses affords learning experiences and entry into the industry.

What New Barbers Need to Know

The opportunities for barbers have increased in recent years, with more men wanting to have their hair cut on a regular basis. If you want to become a barber, you should know that a haircut is not just about snipping hair with a pair of shears. You have to learn the theories and understand how the hair moves and behaves.

You also have to know the trends in hairstyles. Successful barbers can help dictate the tempo and create a trend. However, new barbers have to learn what the customer wants before you can start giving recommendations on what works best for a man.

The Shift

barber styling bearded manThere used to be a time when men went to their favourite barbers weekly to have a haircut that looked exactly like what they had the last time. Men’s fashion did not change because they aimed to keep a particular staid straight gentlemanly appearance. They also had a shave, a hot towel treatment and a massage, all in one sitting.

But barbershops, which sprouted in the 2000s and 2010s, were manned by a new generation of barbers. They were different from the older generation in their wider range of hairstyle offerings. The barbers also had a different aura around them. They were modern and dressed smart, reflecting the millennial crowd and market. They looked their age and attracted the same crowd. Their recommendations also set new hairstyles, which looked custom cut for each man.

Training the Next Generation of Barbers

There is no university course for hairdressers and barbers but those with an inclination for hairstyling can get a certificate from the National Vocation Qualification or NVQ. They have outlined a series of courses so hairdressers and barbers can have more than just basic skills in cutting hair. The courses include training in management, problem solving, leadership, supply, customer service and so on. Finishing all four levels equips you with the skills and techniques you need to be an employable barber.

More than that, the courses prepare you to manage and run a salon or barbershop, and eventually own one. This ensures that the quality of service in barbershops are always high, and that all barbers and stylists uphold standards of quality and good customer service.

Barbers can have their own signature style or a wide range of influences for the complete one-of-a-kind styling. This is the freedom and creativity in the new barbershops. Being a barber means that you understand that each customer has his own style and it is important that the cut reflects that style. Being among the new wave of barbers is a refreshing experience. It is a creative job, with the freedom to experiment.

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