Video Marketing Misconceptions Every Business Owner Should Avoid

Video Marketing

Video MarketingIt is important to create a video as part of the marketing campaign, as Google already added video to its ranking metrics. To make the most of the online video program, it is essential to know a few common video marketing misconceptions and avoid them as much as possible.

Time should be Under Three Minutes

A recent survey shows that two minutes and 53 seconds is the average time a person watches a video about a brand, product or service. This does not mean that brands must limit theirs to this time, though. It is not necessary to mind the duration as long as the video keeps the audience interested throughout.

Videos Improve Your SERPs

Before YouTube gained popularity, this concept was true. But with almost every company uploading videos on their websites, it does not warrant companies of anything in SERPS. It does not give brands a significant competitive advantage when they build diverse video campaigns.

It is Unnecessary to Produce Videos

Before, businessmen see videos as an added or complementary element in their marketing strategy. The agents from Web Dandy mention that it is now fast becoming a key element in SEO campaigns. Videos attract numerous visitors to the website, improving traffic and increasing business opportunities.

Spend more to Gain more

There is no certain study that links the effectiveness of video ads to its costs. Even if brands spend a lot, it does not guarantee that the video will lure more people. The effectiveness of videos mostly relies on its content. Instead of the costs, focus more on the story and emotion that engages audiences.

The success of a video campaign does not rely on one element only, particularly on the number of hits it gets. View count is just part of the whole; the audience still needs to act. Viewers must watch the full video, visit the website and engage with the brand regarding the products.

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