Vertex Standard Two-Way Mobile Radios: The Safest Choice

Two-Way Mobile Radios

Two-Way Mobile RadiosThe two-way mobile radios offered by Vertex Standard are developed to deliver efficient yet superior audio communication. Apart from providing better communication, these Vertex Standard mobile radios can also be used as safety devices. Many organisations and businesses invest in advanced communications systems for supporting their emergency preparedness programs in the unfortunate event that a workplace emergency occurs. Nowadays, mobile radios with built-in safety features are fast becoming a standard in implementing a complete safety communications plan.

Key Safety Features of Vertex Standard Two-Way Mobile Radios
All two-way mobile radios by Vertex Standard have the following built-in safety features..

  •  Emergency Alert: Emergency preparedness measures must be put in place in commercial and industrial work environments should dangerous situations and accidents occur, including an alert system for immediate help. Mobile radios by Vertex Standard offers the Emergency Alert feature programmable by your supplier and designed for transmitting emergency alerts on a predetermined channel. With a simple button press, it will send an emergency alert for help and also notify other users to carry out the company’s emergency protocol.
  • ARTS Function: ARTS or the Auto-Range Transpond System feature is designed so that users will always be aware of their connection status. When in use, you’ll know whether you are out of range or in contact-range with another mobile radio that has the ARTS feature activated. While activated, this useful function will instantly alert you if you’re in an out-of-range area.
  • Lone Worker Feature: Vertex Standard mobile radios are also equipped with a timer that you can reset at a pre-specified time interval. With this function, supervisors will be capable of monitoring employees’ safety for those who work alone in isolated areas. In the event that you failed to reset, the radio will switch automatically to the emergency mode and will notify others for aid.

If your organisation or company is involved with operations that can possibly put your employees at risk, consider mobile two-way radios by Vertex Standard to ensure your employees’ security and safety.

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