Types of School Chairs Suitable for Children


School ChairsMost schools in the past used to buy wooden furniture for their students. But now, modern technology combines metal and wood, plastic and wood, or pure plastic to manufacture school furniture.

The result is more comfortable, easy-to-maintain, sturdy and long-lasting school furniture chairs. This article highlights various types of chairs suitable for both primary and high school level children.

Tablet Arm School Chair

This chair is among the most recent development in school chairs. It has an armrest and a desk attached to its right side. It is best suited for use by big children since writing from the tablet can be hard for small kids. The legs and arms of this school chair are made of metal, thus enhancing its strength. It is preferred as it significantly saves on space since the tablet acts as the table.

Wooden Seat School Chair

Modern wooden chairs are no longer being manufactured using pure wood. This is because pure wood has a high termite risk, making them costly to maintain. As a result, a combination of metal and wood is used in school chairs. The arms and legs of the school chair are made of metal while the backrest and the seat are made of wood for maximum comfort.

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Plastic Stacking School Chair

Plastic is literally taking over the world, and school chairs have not been left behind. These seats have gained significant popularity among schools because of their strength and durability. They are also lightweight, thus easy to move around. They are available in plenty of colours to suit a school’s theme, and they require simple washing for maintenance.

Spider School Stacking Chair

This seat is characterised by extra-long legs, making them suitable for big children. They have no armrests, making them easy to stack. They are made of plastic and metal, thus can be available in plenty of colours.

Height Adjusting High School Desk Chair

This category is the most ideal type of school chair, as it can be a perfect fit for anyone. The desk comes with an adjustable table and seat, so children can adjust according to their comfort. Moreover, the same chair can be used in various class divisions as may be required, saving you on cost. This type comes with plenty of space to store extra stationery items.

Vintage Desk Chair

This is a simple old-time high school chair type that is best suited for scarcely populated schools since they consume plenty of space due to their bulkiness. They are also not easy to move around or stack, making them long lasting as they are hard to mishandle. They also provide an extra room where kids can store their stationery.

A school chair is one of the places where kids spend most of their time. As such, it has to be comfortable and sturdy to ensure smooth learning and make students feel good to be at school. When selecting a chair, it is essential to consider the age of the children to give them a corresponding type of chair.

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