Types of Garden Rooms

Cool wooden shed in allotments

Aesthetically, garden rooms make your space appear much bigger. This is achieved in that when your space is open, your eyes travel in one swift glance covering the entire yard. However, when you have an obstructed view, your eyes focus more, which makes you observe your yard in smaller chunks. Additionally, besides improving the curb appeal, garden rooms increase the value of your home in case you are considering selling it in the near future.

Before settling to make a garden room, it is essential that you identify the purpose for it to be designed appropriately. This article highlights various types of garden rooms that you can use and how to make them as fit as possible for your lifestyle.

Garden Office

If you work from home and you want an environment that will help you focus more by reducing family life interruptions, a garden office is the perfect starting point. You can get a 3×3-cubic-meter garden office with modern and stylish features to suit a modern office. Most garden offices are made of wood to complement the overall appearance of your home. These can be made from high quality warm brown, red, or pink cedar timber. This type of wood is preferred due to its high resistance to decay and rot and the fact that it does not require extra staining or chemicals for preservation.

Garden Gym

Do you want to keep in shape but you do not want to leave the comfort of your home? A garden gym is your answer. A garden gym is flexible and convenient in that you will require zero commute time. You can go to the gym at any time you want. Most garden gyms are fitted with double glazing and aluminum frames to enhance comfort in any season.

Garden Playroom

Are you looking for a spacious, safe, and secure space for your kids to play? A garden playroom is among your best options. They are available for various age groups and are covered with soft finishing on the edges to enhance safety. Since most garden playrooms are clad using western red cedar, this modern structure easily slides into your overall home theme and is completely maintenance free.

Garden Lodge

outdoor wooden gazeboIf your main house can no longer meet the needs of your teenagers, or whether you want to set up a study or a music studio, a garden lodge is the most affordable and practical solution. It can be utilized in all seasons. For you to give it a modern feel, your garden lodge may be fitted with double glass window panels, double doors for your patio section, and a modern picture window. The roofing options are also diversified. You can choose something that matches your main house roof.

These are the most common forms of garden rooms. Others include but are not limited to therapy spaces, study rooms, party houses, visitors’ spaces, meeting rooms, among others. You may also talk to your garden room consultant and see whether you can create a multipurpose garden room to fit a few of your favorite activities at home.

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