Truck Buying Checklist


TrucksTrucking is one of the most lucrative businesses these days. There are so many business applications of owning a truck. You can begin your own logistics company and help people move their stuff to new homes. You can also make deliveries and be the outsourced provider for said services to small to medium-sized businesses who need the service but who may not necessarily have the funds to buy their own trucks just yet. You can also invest in a bigger truck tow cars and other trapped vehicles.

The possibilities are endless. But, before you think of what you’d do with a truck, here are some suggestions from Pickles Auctions.

Buying your first truck

Whichever of the above you decide to pursue, you will need to make a purchase. You do not necessarily have to buy a new truck. There are reliable resellers around with over 50 years of history in this trade.

However, do not make your purchase empty-handed. Read through the following basic tips when considering your purchase.

  1. Go deeper than the surface – Never forget to look underneath the truck. No matter how shiny or new-looking the exteriors are, always look at what’s inside. Have a trusted mechanic repairman or employee with you to guide you through inspecting for possible leaks or damages and examining the condition of the brakes, steering component and other parts. Remember that you are making an investment. Paying an experienced technician or your in-house mechanic to do a thorough inspection is part of the investment cost.
  2. Research on your seller – If you are buying from an oldie in the business, ask former clients what they have to say about their prior purchase. Were they satisfied? Did the sellers help them with any unforeseen problems? Was it worth their cash? Treat the transaction as you would any other business activity, with a healthy dose of doubt and the right amount of diligence.
  3. Ask about the history of the vehicle – Why is it being sold? What is its mileage? What is the usual cost of the upkeep? By asking questions such as these, you are assured that you are purchasing a vehicle in mint condition, one that is sold because of the good value for money its good condition will offer, and not to cut the seller’s losses. It will also give you an idea of how much you can expect to pay for maintenance.

Make sure to ask for help from people who have been in the business longer and follow the tips above on your road to success with your new trucking business.

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