Top 3 Outdoor Investments – and How to Make them Last!

home's swimming pool

The interior living space is where people spend more time, money, and resources, but the exterior of the home is just as important. There is a lot of potential in this outdoor space, especially if you live in a location that enjoys great weather. Developing the exterior of your home by upgrading your lawn, front facade, or empty garage space can add great value and enjoyment. Here are the top 3 features that you may consider with typical considerations and common issues to avoid.

Build a Swimming Pool

Who doesn’t love poolside parties? This is an exciting project that will require thorough planning and design expertise. If you’re considering to have a swimming pool, always check the following beforehand:

  • Location and Area – Consider the area and the long-term plans for space when designing the swimming pool. What’s the ideal size for your space? Do an actual survey and check the surrounding area if there are potential hazards or obstructions (at-grade and underground) that need to be considered in your design.
  • Safety and Sanitary Issues – There are hazards and risks involved in having a swimming pool. Install the proper safety features such as fencing, barriers, and anti-slip finishing for the walkway around the perimeter, especially if you have kids or pets. The material should be easy to clean and sanitize.
  • Budget – A swimming pool is always custom-built for a client, so design and costs will vary from project to project. Do not skimp on your pool installation! Follow the standards and building regulations and talk it out with your contractor to ensure construction quality. It is a long-term investment, so be sure to make the right choices.

A word of caution: be discerning when it comes to waterproofing materials and consult with experienced contractors for your installation. Concrete and hollow blocks are essentially porous and not waterproof! A cementitious waterproofing system is applied to prevent water leakage. Always do a leak test before using the swimming pool in service.

To read about a detailed list of basic requirements for pool construction, click here.

If building a swimming pool isn’t ideal for your area or budget, don’t fret! There are more ways to expand your home facilities. These features will typically cost less but again, use the same checklist to ensure success in your home construction project:

Build a Water Fountain for your Lawn Garden

What’s great about this is that it doesn’t necessarily require a large area. You can start in a small area and make new upgrades and additional features later on. A water feature such as a fountain is not as challenging to maintain as a swimming pool. It can turn a dull space into a serene, relaxing spot to just sit and unwind. Similar to the above, make sure you hire a reputable contractor for the job and always check the proper installation and use durable materials.

Build an Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen

This feature is excellent for those who love grilling and BBQ parties. It can complement an already existing pool deck or outdoor garden. Since this will be installed outside, make sure that construction materials for your finishes are exterior grade and that plumbing, drainage, and electricity lines are protected and well-planned to prevent costly damages and repairs.

Withstand the Outdoors

Remember, the outdoor installation should bring value and enhance your quality of life, so don’t make cost your #1 priority! Check the materials and choose the right contractor with extensive experience and expertise. Consider your climate and typical weather cycles. This additional home feature will be exposed every day to the external weather, so choosing poor quality materials will cost you greater on repairs and rectifications in the long run. The objective is to make the most out of your outdoor space, so it’s best to have the right planning and preparations.

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