Tips on Preparing for an Estate Sale

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There are many reasons homeowners conduct an estate sale, including divorce, downsizing, death of a family member, or moving to assisted living. Most hire an estate sales company to handle the work, as the task of identifying, appraising, pricing, and selling items can be emotionally difficult and time-consuming. Estate sales services will sell every item in a home either through a tag sale or auction.

house keys

Whether you choose to hire a company or conduct the sale yourself, there are things you need to do to ensure a smooth and less-stressful process:

Consult Your Family Members

Discuss specific home items with your family members and decide which ones you want to keep, sell, or donate to charity. Remove all personal stuff in the house and organize the items you’re planning to sell.

Gather Important Documents

Go through each room and check for important documents, such as insurance papers, deeds, stocks, bonds, wills, and accounting papers. Gather personal papers, such as letters, photographs, diplomas, and certificates and decide which you want to keep. Dispose those you don’t need anymore.

Perform Simple Home Fixes

Performing simple home fixes and remodeling projects are important, especially if you’re planning to not just liquidate your home items, but also sell your home. A fresh paint or a new carpet increases the value of your property.

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