Tips in Becoming a Powerful Public Speaker

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Public speaking is a serious and legitimate fear, with about 25% of the human population reporting to have experienced it. It’s even got a real name — glossophobia. So if you suffer from it, do not worry, you are not alone.

There are, however, many factors that contribute to the intense dislike of speaking in front of an audience. Let’s try to break down the different components that make this task so terrifying. Let’s see how we can get past them so that you can be your best speaker yet. Are you ready to step on to that stage? Let’s go:

Take an honest look at yourself

Is there anything in yourself physically that is making you extra self-conscious to face an audience? Perhaps you just need to correct a particular feature such an overbite by getting a jaw surgery in Richmond, Indiana or getting into better shape through diet and exercise.

Sometimes, people fear to get up in front of the audience because they think that the audience is judging them for their appearance or zoning in on certain physical features that they are not particularly proud of. The truth is, the audience doesn’t really care how you look as long as you what you say is truly memorable, valuable, interesting, etc.

If something about your physical appearance is truly making you conscious, sometimes, it’s also a sign of having deeper insecurity issues about yourself. Daily affirmations can help you build confidence in who you are — despite how you look.

Spend time writing down your speech and practicing it

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The key to getting over your nerves in public speaking is by having a well-written speech, practiced by heart so much so that you can recite it in your sleep. Yes, the key to an excellent public speaking routine is having rehearsed what you are going to say, in many different versions if you wish so that the end result sounds natural and engaging.

Nothing else will give you full confidence in going up that stage than having your speech practiced so well that you are actually excited to give it. Practicing tip: speak in front of someone you are comfortable with like a sibling or a friend. Ask him or her to provide you with tips on how to place your hands, and how best to look at ease while speaking.

Look your best

This tip is not necessarily for the audience’s benefit but for yours. Looking your best is a great confidence booster and automatically makes you feel like you own the night (or the day). Find your best-fitting outfit and have your hair and make-up done if need be.

Now is the time to look (and feel) like a million dollars. This will translate superbly to the stage and out into your audience.

These are only three tips, but they are enough to get you started. You will also find that the more you speak in public, the easier it gets somehow. You learn to master your nerves eventually and convert that into much energy and excitement instead.

Most of all, relax and have fun. Even if you do end up making a mistake up there, you can always do better the next time.

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