Timeless Pieces: Why Wrist Watches Will Never Go Out of Style


 Watch Restorations in Boise, IdahoIf you didn’t know by now, your trusty ‘ole wrist watches have been in use for more than 500 years. It has survived wars and a lot of technological revolutions. Even with the dawn of smart watches, these timeless pieces continue to draw in more consumers. It’s not a surprise that watch restorations in Boise, Idaho still exist. Here are reasons why classic wrist watches will never go out of style.

The Bond Influence

Ever since WWI when the government gave soldiers Trench Watches as souvenirs, it slowly developed into a huge luxury market. The demand for massive brands like Rolex skyrocketed not only because of product quality, but also because the brand name itself has a cultured past, and is known for its affluence and good taste. In the United States, Rolex is regarded as the prime status symbol.

Besides brand recognition and history, one of the major factors that heightened the need for wrist watches is pop culture. According to Digital Luxury Group, there was a 45 percent surge in consumer interest after the release of the James Bond film “Skyfall.” Men sought after the watch Bond was wearing for it embodied an aspirational lifestyle.

An Heirloom

There are families who hand down their classic pieces from generation to generation because it works in perpetuity and you don’t need to change it constantly. Wristwatches act as a personal symbol for they can withstand the tests of time. It is one of the few pieces in an individual’s possession that can last a long time and hold numerous stories.

A Part of National Social Consciousness

Wearing a wristwatch can be a custom that some people have retained ever since their parents bought them their first Disney watch. There are others who constantly wear it as it reminds them of a special memory or a certain someone that’s close to their heart.

The watch industry will continue to live on because of the strong history and nostalgia that comes with it, despite new technology getting in the way.

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