Time to Say Goodbye: Going-Away Presents You Can Give a Loved One

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Saying goodbye is never easy, whether it’s to a close friend, a coworker, or a family member. Once you see that truck from the moving companies parked in front of their house in Broward, everything will finally feel real.

But what’s even more difficult than saying your farewells is choosing the best going away present that they’ll truly appreciate. It has to be something that shows how much you care, help them get over their homesickness, and remember all the fun times they spent at their old home.

Even if you don’t feel like spending much, there are plenty of sentimental and useful options you can choose from. Here are some nice gift ideas for that special someone:

A Care Package

Get some pieces of essentials that they can definitely use for their new home, such as some nice hand soaps, cleaning supplies, and even toilet papers. Put them all in a nice waterproof box that they can easily stick right on to the moving truck.

You can also decorate the care package a little bit for that added personal touch. While this may not be the most exciting going away present, it’s definitely practical and something that they’ll need for their new home.

A Nice Box of Dated Letters

Pen a total of twelve letters to your friend who’s leaving and put them all inside a box (again, you can try decorating this box). Write the date the letter can be opened on each envelope, and to make it more exciting, spread them out throughout a year.

You can write about all the fun memories you shared together, the things you’ll miss about that person or just anything that will make them laugh and think about their old homes once they open it. Each letter will feel like a gentle reminder of their previous life.

Local Delicacies

sweet delicaciesStock up on some tasty local and non-perishable treats for your friend or family member and wrap them up in a tiny box. All these will help them have a taste of home even when they’re somewhere far. It may also help them overcome bouts of homesickness.

It could be something like some candies or cookies from a local bakery or even a bag of grounds from a nearby local coffee shop. Local delicacies are nice items that will give them comfort and familiarity or just something they can munch on while they’re enjoying some Netflix time.

Simple Travel Gadgets or Accessories

These don’t have to be pricey items at all. If your loved one is moving by plane, they would surely appreciate some travel goodies. Consider getting a nice cushy travel pillow, a cute eye mask, and some earplugs, a wireless phone charger, a pair of nice slippers or even a portable cocktail kit.

Make moving a lot less stressful for your loved ones with these fun going-away presents. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get something that they will surely appreciate. Remember, when it comes to gifts, it’s always the thought that counts.

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