The Real Dangers That Even Small Cracks in Windows Bring


Living Room With Large Glass WindowBroken glass windows are not mere inconveniences or aesthetic flaws that bring down your home’s appeal. These also pose a safety and security risk, as they can cause injuries and make it easy for unscrupulous individuals to gain access to your home.

As such, noted that it's important to contact an emergency glass repair service the moment you noticed damages on any of your window panes at home. You should not delay having these fixed since they will attract more unfortunate events, such as the following:

Unnecessary spikes in your utility bills

A solid but bare glass window, in itself, already contribute to considerable heat gains and losses. This doesn't mean discomfort during the summer or winter due to the heat it permits to enter or exit your home. It also means higher electricity bills, as a great percentage of the heated and/or cooled air from your HVAC system exits through the glass. Imagine how much more you lose when it has a crack on it.

Dangerous shards flying everywhere

The odds of this happening are higher with inclement weather, as strong winds and torrential rain can force the already faulty glass window to shatter with pressure — to the point that the shards can fly everywhere. If you're unlucky, these can cause serious lacerations. This can even do more damage when a shard hits the eye or a vein.

Easier to break into or tamper with

Burglars take advantage of any opportunity that allows them to easily access into their victim's homes. Expect cracked or loose glass panes to catch their attention, seeing as these are much simpler and quicker to deal with than a strong and stable window or door.

You definitely do not want to feel violated in your own home, nor would you relish the thought of seeing your valuables gone the next day. Before any of these takes place, it's best that you have all those faulty glass windows fixed as soon as possible.

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