The Difference Between a UTV and an ATV

UTV darting

UTV dartingSo, you're looking online for UTV dealers, because you are thinking of getting one to add to your wheel collection when you see another type of vehicle that looks like a side by side, but smaller.

So you start searching for more information on it and find out it has called an ATV, and now ask yourself, "Well, what's the difference?"

Besides the fact that they both look awesome, there is actually a huge difference between a UTV (Utility Task Vehicle) and an ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) with regards to what they are for and what they can do.

Here is a look at each vehicle separately.

UTV or Utility Task Vehicles

  1. They have more than one seat, which makes off-roading adventures more fun because you can share the experience with someone.
  2. You can use them to haul large loads without attaching a trailer. That is why a UTV is a farmer's best friend.
  3. They have seats that are more comfortable for the older rider because you can sit upright with back support.
  4. You can customize a UTV in endless ways. Many accessories are out on the market to turn your UTV into the ultimate big-boy toy.
  5. They are good for showing off. From wheels to in-cab heaters, to stereo systems, once you are done with all your customizations, no one can say no to a ride with you.

ATV or All-Terrain Vehicle

  1. People use them for a single rider only. More like a bulky motorcycle, you will need balance and strong arms to manipulate it properly.
  2. They make them for quick turns. Since they are easier to manipulate, they are good for racing, and at rounding up herds of cows, too.
  3. You can tow heavy loads by attaching a trailer to it. Compared to UTVs, the loads they can haul are lighter because they are smaller.
  4. You can use them with more speed. That is why they are good for doing quick farm errands too.

This list should help you choose what type of outdoor vehicle will best satisfy your need for adventure. Happy 4-wheeling!

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