Technologies for the Blind: Making Life More Meaningful

Visually impaired man using Digital Assistant

Our eyes send what we see to our brain, and then the brain identifies what we are seeing. But if you have a visual impairment or both of your eyes can’t see, it’s a situation that others are having difficulty to imagine, a challenge in life that leads to low self-esteem and anxiety. That said, experts continue to do extensive technological research to help the blind.

For example, you can buy smart glasses online for your loved one. These high-tech glasses are designed with specific functions to help those in need.

Below is a list of incredible technological advancements that continue to make the lives of the blind people easier.

Mobile Phones for the Blind

Since people with visual impairment can’t see the numbers on a mobile phone, as well as what’s being displayed on the screen, they don’t use it. Others can memorize the location of the number buttons, but it’s still hard to use it when you’re blind, especially if it’s a touch-screen phone. Luckily, inventors have created mobile phones that are designed explicitly for the blind. The smartphone’s features include the following:

Buttons arranged in a predictable way

  • Screen reader
  • Voice control
  • Voice directions

With these features, a person with complete visual impairment can make calls, adjust the volume, and perform other mobile tasks available.

Cell phones are ideal tools for maximizing productivity and providing security. People with impaired vision should look for mobile phones with:

  • Magnifiers
  • Larger keyboard: there are some apps you can download for free to make your on-screen phone keyboard appear bigger

Smart Glasses: Making the Life of a Person with Visual Problem More Enjoyable

woman having her eyes checked

The invention of smart glasses has been drastically improving the lives of many blind individuals. Smart spectacles can do lots of different things. Aside from having corrective lenses and protection against dangerous UV rays, imagine these fantastic features of intelligent glasses today:

  • Buttons for specific functions
  • Audio commands: talking smart glasses
  • Text display on the glasses
  • Voice recognition

Mugs for the Blind

You can also find mugs that are useful for people with visual impairment. The design is exquisite. These cups have water sensors that help the blind know how much he can pour the liquid into the mug. The sensors are there to make a sound to inform the person with a visual problem.

Walking Stick with Eyes

You typically see blind people walking with the aid of a walking stick. They use this to check the kind of surface they walk on and to be aware of the objects that block their path. The advances in technology today have created a type of walking stick that sees. This piece of equipment for the blind has a little sensor at the end that activates sonic vibrations to guide the person. This is very useful when you’re blind and you need to walk on the stairs.

For blind people, the items mentioned above are some of the best gadgets to own, helping them experience the beauty and meaning of life more. Tech for blind people is getting better and there’s more to expect.

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