Strategies for Overcoming Dental Fear

woman is sedated while dentist is checking her mouth

Patients who are afraid to visit the dentist and keep postponing their appointments, often think that dental problems will go away without treatment. However, this notion is entirely unsubstantiated. Small dental problems such as cavities and first-stage gum disease will not go away on their own – instead they will turn into serious and complicated problems that will require extensive (and expensive) treatment. Nowadays, dental anxiety can be treated with the help of an experienced and capable dentist for nervous patients.

So why would someone avoid to see a dentist? There are many reasons people avoid the dentist consistently and fear of pain is only one of them. Some people associate the dentist with bad past memories, whereas other are simply embarrassed by the state of their teeth and gums. Dental anxiety can escalate quite quickly, therefore visiting a dentist for nervous patients in London, such as Care Dental Platinum, should be a priority.

Personalised Attention

A dentist for nervous patients in London can offer patients what other dentists may be unable to offer – personalised attention. Everyone processes fear and anxiety differently, but knowing how to deal with them is key. While a general dentist will certainly be sympathetic towards an anxious and nervous patient, a dentist for nervous patients in London is specifically trained to deal with nervous patients and make them feel comfortable. This can be achieved through various sedative techniques, psychological tricks and pain-free dental tools. By receiving personalised attention, patients will feel calm and in control throughout their procedure, no matter how long or complex it is.


Another way a dentist for nervous patients in London can help is sedation dentistry, especially nitrous oxide sedation. Also known as relaxing or laughing gas, when combined with oxygen, nitrous oxide creates an airy and relaxing feeling to patients who receive it. When delivered by an accredited dentist, nitrous oxide is safe, potent and will help the patient relax and feel at ease through the treatment. Moreover, nitrous oxide does not incapacitate the patient at any stage of the procedure – they will be awake and able to communicate with the dentist as needed.

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